Jumat, 16 Desember 2011

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Chemistry is the science of elements and how unsru combine to form compounds. Although there are more than 10 million chemical compounds, in fact just more than a hundred are contained in the wild. Approximately 5000 years ago, workers in Bronze is the first chemist. They found ways to turn sand into the form of steel metal. Approximately 1500 years later, the chemists in egypt find out how the establishment of such metals into gold. Although no one has managed to turn it into gold, a technique they use to provide information on the basics of modern chemistry. After that, humans have been studying the properties of matter and make a lot of new materials that are useful for the development of technology.
The chemical industry provides a concrete, metal, and plastic to build buildings, make machinery and vehicles, fuel for transportation, and heating, synthetic fibers for clothing, fertilizers and pesticides to boost crop yields. Knowledge of the chemical make humans can produce silicon that have a high purity, which is useful for the manufacture of biochemical microprocessors that can help us to understand the processes that occur in living organisms, chemical, and pharmaceutical dispensing of drugs to treat disease, even for many diseases that used not to be cured.

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